All-way Stop Coming to Ft. Stockton and Randolph St.

A nice email came in from Adriana at Councilman Gloria’s office this morning.  Making our streets safer is a priority for Mission Hills Town Council.  This all-way stop is on the corner of the Mission Hills Nursery. All the information is in the attached memo also. 
Good morning all,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I just wanted to pass along some exciting news that I hope you’ll share with the community.
At the recent Joint Meeting on Crime, a community member requested that stop signs be installed at the intersection of Fort Stockton Drive and Randolph Street.  I submitted a formal request through Traffic Engineering and was recently notified that the request for the installation of an all-way stop was approved.
I wanted to thank you all for your advocacy in keeping our neighborhoods safe.  This new traffic and safety measure is happening because of your commitment to Mission Hills.
Please see attached memo for more information.  We can expect to see installation within 30-60 days.
Adriana Martinez
Council Representative
Office of Councilmember Todd Gloria