Proposed Historic Districts information

  • Under today’s rules, properties 45 years and older are already subject to historic regulations and protections.  The proposed PHDs would only apply to those properties already subject to historic regulations. The new supplemental regulations are not proposed as a new overlay zone.
  • Home improvements currently exempt from historic protection regulations will also be exempt from PHD requirements.  This includes replacing windows that do not require any changes to the exterior wall.
  • Home improvements to the front of a home that maintain or restore the historic appearance will also be exempt from the PHD requirements.
  • Supplemental development regulations which would only apply to residential buildings identified as contributors in a PHD, are being proposed to prevent the loss of contributing structures that could impact a potential historic district’s eligibility for historic designation.


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The following is also a link to the Uptown Community Plan Update webpage which has links to the Draft Community Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report: